Thursday, August 15, 2013


Important note :
Please read the "What we are" page
All recommendations are for information only !!!
We are not Brokerage, Advisory or Analysis firm !!!
Exit when you feel market turning on you, at target reached or at Friday before close. Try to avoid weekend holdings !!!
Never hold any position for longer term with hopes it will rise.

It might rise and it might not !!!
This week potential movers :)

Symbol Buy Range Target % Act. Buy Stop Loss Actual Sell %P/L
DBD Open 5-10 30.5 7 30.25 -1%
QTM Wait 5-10 Buy 7 Actual Sell %
ITMN Wait 5-10 Buy 7 Actual Sell %
WYN Wait 5-10 Buy 7 Actual Sell %
HFC Open 5-10 45.29 7 45.5 0%

Open - review and buy at market open
Wait  - review and buy before market close

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